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"Severnoye Logovo" Group of Companies - PROFESSIONALS OF FOREST TRADING!

     Logging and the implementation of the forest is the lot of thinking and really strong people who are ready not only to build a business, but also to restore forest land. This is definitely not the easiest way ... You need to have a large reserve of energy, a great desire to work and achieve your goals.

The group of companies "Northern Lair" was founded on December 2, 2002 and for 15 years confirms the slogan "Professionals of logging". We overcame many difficulties and problems. Only with the help of a strong team we manage to develop our forest business. 

     Today the Severnoye Lokovo group of companies is a successful leader in the market of logging and sale of timber. This is a set of individual firms that work with a large number of customers. This is about two hundred employees, two hundred partners, 11 individual collectives and individual entrepreneurs, about 200,000 cubic meters of harvested products. 

Услуги по вырубке леса, ЛЗК Вывоз леса, пилорама Изготовление пиломатериалов, пилорама Грязовец

The volume of work performed under contractual agreements in 2017 is about 70,000 cubic meters of wood. Among our partners are: "Segezha Group", "Sheksna wood chipboard plant", LLC "Vologda forest", ZAO "Austrofoor", "Yaroslavl SPON" and many others.

     The group of companies "Northern Lair" has something to be proud of: non-stop development, a large number of friends and partners, impressive volumes of harvesting certified wood. The geography of work is constantly expanding - and this is the entire territory of the Vologda, Yaroslavl, Kostroma and other regions. The group of companies "Northern Lair" has reached the international level, working with foreign partners and continuing to remain the largest in the territory of the Gryazovets district and the Vologda region. We carry out large volumes of work for large customers - the cutting of power transmission lines to prepare the construction route for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Numerous letters of gratitude from customers, state organizations are direct confirmation of the successful work of the group of companies "Northern Lair".

     In logging, machinery plays a crucial role, which requires constant renewal, despite its high cost. Logging is carried out by seven logging complexes, which allows cutting down large volumes of timber in the shortest possible time.

Сушильный комплекс, сухая доска ель, сухая доска Изготовление пиломатериалов, пилорама Грязовец

Experienced operators perfectly cope with the most difficult work, in the process of gaining additional skills and gaining a positive experience. The group of companies "Northern Lair" systematically updates the technical base, keeping pace with the times and progress. The whole process of logging, starting from the felling of the forest to transporting is carried out by own equipment - powerful, hardy, professional.

     All these years at the head of the development of the Group of Companies was the Man. Therefore, with great respect here belong to the collective of workers. Employees of all our companies constantly undergo training, retraining and training, strive to achieve excellence in all areas of their professional activities. And it is they who are highly qualified cadres who continue to proudly bear the title of "logging professionals".

     The received forest management certificates, recognized internationally, again and again confirm that we are not looking for easy ways of recognizing the logging market. Continuing to create jobs for the population, providing high-quality raw materials to consumers, the Severnoye Lokovo group of companies looks confidently into the future and has achieved considerable heights in the fifteen years of responsible work.

We are proud of our employees, partners, friends!

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